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  1. I usually lip them and suffer the consequences. And yeah my thumb has a few scars, before you ask 😆 In all seriousness a pair of lip grips (plastic to protect the fish) helps a lot for handling flatties.
  2. I forgot to mention in my original reply, but I think one of your bream is actually a tarwhine... distinctly convex head and the striped array of scales down the side points to this. Others will be able to confirm.
  3. I got my fly combo online direct from a Chinese manufacturer who I believe makes rods for some of the more well known brands. Seems good quality and came with a bunch of extras to get me started (im no expert in this type of fishing). Will pm details.
  4. What a great session and report! Good to meet you as well. It was @Aussiefisherman that I was with fyi. This spot has a very distinct drop from the flat into the deep channel next to the marina, which holds some great fish as you found! Congrats on the new pb bream. The fish in question is a silver trevally... they fight above their weight with strong 'thumping' head shakes. Funny enough I also met another pupil of @DerekD yesterday morning, Ethan. Not sure what his raider name is.
  5. The freams is a solid reel, especially if you can pick it up around the $150 mark. Also, you can't be doing the daiwa/shimano mixy matchy thing... one of the unspoken rules of fishing.
  6. There is something special about the bent... and I'm not just referring to the price. Nice bream.
  7. Thanks Pickles! The lure in the first photo is the OSP Bent Minnow 76mm. Even more fun to use than the sugapens in my opinion!
  8. Wow they are incredible... if there is ever a chance to purchase some let me know!
  9. Great report and nice pics... those lures are a work of art!
  10. That is a horse in any system... let alone this area! Well done! Quite incredible to think that this fish could be 40 plus years old, and still in such fantastic condition.
  11. Thanks! Yes the bream have been cooperating recently Cheers! Amazing how hard a 30cm bream will pull.
  12. Thanks! Yes I run a 1000 also so usually have pretty light drag. Thanks! The bream sessions seem to be producing consistently at the moment. Thanks! Good point, there is definitely a lot of juvenile bream around this area. I've found that even small bream can hit hard as well, fooling you for a bigger fish.
  13. Only had a couple of hours this morning to dedicate to fishing, so I headed to Iron Cove to try satiate my recent bream craze. Arrived on first light, at the bottom of the tide. Clipped on the bent minnow, and after only a couple of casts I already had fish interested. I fished the usual beat from the creek to the rowers, getting at least 15 hits/boils with only one small fish to show for it. How bad is the eyesight of these fish?? After seeing 2 bream approx 35cm follow the bent right to the shore, I decided it was time to give subsurface a crack. Clipped on a crankbait and I was immediately justified with a big run, before the hooks pulled. Landed another small fish, and dropped or missed 4 or 5 others. Slightly frustrated at my poor ratio of hits to landed fish, I decided to pull a trick from the Cod book, and use the file of my Leatherman to put a fresh sharp edge on each hook of the trebles. 2 casts later I had an aggressive hit followed by a run so strong and straight, that I called it for a salmon. I locked the drag up and the fish turned, and started headshaking... aha, a bream after all. Netted a beautiful 32cm model and released after a quick snap on the mat. I landed 2 more bream around 20cm on the way back to the car for a total of 5 for the morning. The 4 on the crankbait came in a period of around 30 minutes, so it was great to end the session on a high.
  14. The Capertee flows east, forming the Colo at its Junction with the Wolgan. The Colo flows into the Hawkesbury. Never fished it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were Macquarie Perch, if nothing else (not their natural habitat, but there is a healthy population in the Nepean system). There could also be trout that have made their way up after Warragamba releases.
  15. Awesome fish, even better to have done your homework and put the hours in to get the result!
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