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28 minutes ago, Blackfish said:

This has a bit of information regarding the new limits on Mulloway that was previously brought up on Fishraider.


Im not Tec savy enough to post the page. Helpppppp

You have linked just fine Gordon. 

This is only an email publication. There is a link inthe newsletter for anyone who wants to subscribe to the Recreational Fishing Alliance NSW 

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I for one would love to see fishing allowed in Prospect reservoir .

As a teenager back in the late 60's early seventy's I had a mate who was a security guard at the site and I would visit him sometimes at night.

I would walk around the walls of the lake and there were huge Cod swimming close to the walls . I never took a line into the area as this would have got my mate in big trouble IF I were court fishing the lake .

I would also like fishing to be allowed in the Warragamba catchement . Wow what a fishery that would be.


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