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Whiting on non surface lures

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Does anyone know any lures apart from zx 40 that can reliably catch whiting that are not surface lures? 

I lost my knock off recently of the zx but need other options 

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One thing that is a bit left of centre: try something with flash.

I’ve just learned the story behind a fly called the whiting mesmeriser. Google it. Basically it’s a little flashy fly which is meant to be very effective on whiting.

Apparently the fly’s designer, Shannon Kitchener, was fishing the flats when he came across a lady cleaning up on the whiting with a wonder wobbler.

Apart from that I’m not consistent on the whiting myself, so don’t have much to add.

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Zman slim swim 2.5inch bloodworm colour (i have tried other colours but bloodworm is the most consistent), especially when they're prawn feeding

The retrieve is a bit tricky but essentially you need to flick/twitch it along the bottom rather than hop it off the bottom like for flatties and bream

keeping your rod tip low give it 3 or 4 fast flicks then pause, the idea is to mimic a prawn shooting across the bottom, the hits are generally not subtle

Scent is also a must for this technique 

It can be a bit hit and miss, whiting can be unbelievably fickle when it comes to lures

I'm hoping this summer I'll get a chance to film this technique 

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