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Aliexpress surface arsenal


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So I have been itching to go surface fishing in Parra river. Did so on a couple of windy days near meadowbank but nothing. Mostly on prawn imitation.( not sure if they will take pink and dark purple one do colour really matter?)

Not sure if whiting and bream will take the 85 mm. I have seen them chase the 70mm. Anyone with experience on it? Original intention was to see if kingfish will take it


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Nothing wrong with those colors one bit, they should work well. I think the fish are that transfixed on the action of most surface lures, colour isn’t important.

The 85mm is a good size for when there’s a bit of chop on the water (best conditions for flats fishing) and don’t be discouraged about the extra length, you’ll probably be surprised how many small fish will still aggressively whack these lures and with the extra weight, the improved casting distance is a real bonus. Plus your assist hooks won’t foul on the treble.


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