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Tried Again.


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Well I had to make up my mind whether to chase Dolhin Fish out at the Fad as they are getting some or hunt for Snapper and Snapper it was.

Tried a different area in about 40mts of water this time with a better result than last.

Caught three. one at 47cm, one at 44cm and one at 32cm which I let go. Also caught a few small Red Rock Cod and a few Sergeant Baker with a couple of large ones with one going just over 60cm.

More exploring to do.




And I think this one was not a Sergeant Major, but a Major Major 😀


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Sorry @Little_Flatty for my poor description but I did keep the two bigger ones but let the smaller one go.

I did give the two that I kept to a neighbour who has the BIGGEST tackle collection I have ever seen that he’s been collecting for many years and always wants to gift me all sorts of Rods, Reels, lures and all and sundry. Nice bloke.

@noelm the bigger Sergo’s took a bit of drag and I was hoping, but they just didn’t feel right but my hopes were high till I saw them. All good. Enjoyable morning out never the less. 
I’ve been lucky and caught all sorts of different fish but never got a good Snapper …… so that’s my quest.

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Nice eating sized reddies, I would have kept one for myself. 😁

Anyway, good to be kind to the neighbours.

The larger baker can go, and nearly feel like a reddie. I have eaten one once, not a lot of flavour and plenty of fine bones.

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