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Recommended amount of line for surf fishing


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Welcome to the site @Fishin4AUT

250m is plenty, even for most jewfish you’re likely to encounter. Only large sharks or rays could possibly let you see the bottom of your spool.

I use 300m on my reels and have never got anywhere near the knot. Once you start losing that much mono, line stretch starts to become a bigger issue.

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250m is absolutely perfect. It's enough to stop 90% of things. I use about 300m of 15lbs and have never had any issues stopping things. The fish are usually a lot closer in than expected, so you don't always need to cast so far out. Reasonable size Jew fish will give you a run for your money, but if you okay them well, shouldn't be an issue. The only thing that will pose an issue would be rays and sharks. Some of those can be unstoppable, lost over 800m of braid to a shark. 

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