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Middle Harbour Drifting

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After all his recent encouragement on lure fishing, DerekD will will probably shake his head in shame, but I had to take the mate out to soak some baits today in the boat. I did, However, manage an hour and a bit of squid jigging at Middle Head - but only a donut.

Then it was off to drift  some baits for flathead and flounder. Finished up with 5 flathead and 4 flounder for the morning - so a good couple of feeds.  Unfortunately I forgot to take some pics. The warmer water in Middle Harbour over the last month has certainly brought them on to the bite.

Disappointingly I didn't see  birds working bait schools anywhere around Middle Harbour this morning.

Checked out some sandflats while out in the boat that I will come back to later this week on foot to try for topwater whiting on Sugapens. 

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