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  1. Zoran I just saw the link to this old post of yours and I am inspired. I have previously converted an old 4 draw filing cabinet into a full on smoker with its own internal fire pit which was just fabulous for smoking trout/chicken/pork/ beef brisket but had to get rid of it when we moved 4 years ago. With your method I could smoke fish outside usi ng the BBQ for heat. You ahvave just given me my next project!! Cheers Robbo
  2. Exactly the same with my fishing buddy - I love the flathead and he and his wife prefer the flounder. Makes division of the haul easier some days!!
  3. I have been catching and eating flathead and flounder from the east side of the Spit through to Middle Head for the last 2 1/2 years with no ill effects. I find the water there is much clearer than it is "upstream". There is also a lot more sand flats down that way. I agree that water quality after rain is problematic on the west side of the Spit - especially around Tunks
  4. I always look forward to reading your latest report. It is great to read something that glistens with fun, enjoyment and satisfaction you are feeling with your fishing!
  5. Bob Your bananas are obviously the secret weapon that gives you such a success rate. I can almost taste the jewfish cutlets sizzling away in the pan
  6. There ios n o9 accounting for taste!
  7. Yet another good feed Yowie. You must live on fish with all you catch!!
  8. What a great report and sounds like a full-on day fishing with @DerekD .
  9. Chris I have only just seen this post. You are a legend on the jet ski!! Congratulations on catching such a wonderful fish AND setting it free to fight another day
  10. A great report @Bennyg78 I love the amount of thinking and planning that you put in ahead of the actual comp.
  11. Yet another good bream session on top and mid water
  12. Some spots along the coast were well named - Like "Suicide". I never fished at Yellow Rock but back in the 1960's and 1970's it was well named due to all the pollution from the sewer outfall.
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