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Luderick weed


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Cabbage weed, I've plenty of blackfish using this. Mostly used off the rocks and breakwalls where it grows, but river fish will often take it. But sometimes they won't, because they can be fussy buggers at times in the rivers.



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Yep as @Jiggy says, it’s cabbage weed.

For the best baits try and find some growing in intertidal rock pools and shady crevices.

Also take a look around the low tide mark where you can often see indications where the luderick have been plucking it off the rocks. Often good places to fish on a higher tide.

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Use the brightest green you can find, the cabbage with white edges has been burnt by the sun.

Also, spread around where you take it from as this helps it to grow back more quickly.  Don't just grab everything from one small area.

Cabbage doesn't 'keep' as well as string, so best to only take what you can use in a day or so.

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