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Nice day on the bay.


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With the hot day predicted we kicked off pretty early hoping to avoid the worst of it, it turned out to be a calm overcast day and not as bad as forecast.  Plan one was to chase some squid the first 20 minutes or so was slow until we found the jigs that worked.  After that we had a steady stream of calamari playing along and a couple of feisty ones giving us a spray.   

W e set up the downrigger to see if we could convert a squid into a king with no success, so moved onto the artificial reef in Yarra Bay.  There was plenty of action there with huge slimies, a salmon that thought it was best to do laps around the other lines and and some undersized flatties.  We moved on in search of some flatties on plastic with no success so called it a day.   

It was nice to be on the water again especially without the crowds.  Sorry no pictures today.


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