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Ermington boat ramp


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Hey guys went to ermington boat ramp today as soon as the rain ended. Have gone there a couple of times and caught some small bream there on prawn and chicken but today tried on soft plastics for flatties but no luck. Maybe it’s because I didn’t go on the correct tide or maybe the spot isn’t good. Some bloke told me he walks his dog at that wharf every morning and has seen countless jewies and big bream being caught at high tide. Anyone tried fishing there before?

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Same here no luck at all. I tried SP&metal jigs there maybe 3 times for short lunch sessions. The water is relatively deep and it seems the current is too quick to hold fish. I got a solid bite around the mangrove tho - curly tail was bitten off so I imagine there're some small tailors at least.

Same lures and outfits(8lb leader&10lb main with light rod) work well in Meadowbank/Putney so I imagine I just didn't crack the code

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