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Bay view park


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Hey raiders went to bay view park today on the rising tide. Walked from the wharf towards exile bay up to the canal and back a few times just casting along. A few bites and managed to get 2 tiny flatties 34 and 29cm. Have been fishing at bay view a few times with bait and caught a lot of tiny bream in the past but today came with soft plastics and a bit disappointed. Lost quite a few of my zman grubs and squidgies to toadies nibbling them away as well. 


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21 hours ago, Aussie_fisher said:

@Little_Flattyye I actually decided to try soft plastics there based off reports made on fishraider - a few by you actually. The whole area does look like it holds good fish so I’m not giving up on it yet. @Pickleswhats the 1/2 run up tide?

Half run up tide means the tide is rising from 1/2 full to full tide (top of the tide).

Theory being as the tide rises it is covering more of the sand / ground and exposing for food source - worms, shell fish, small fish move up to feed and Flatties follow them.

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