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Anyone selling a Hobie Mirage Drive 180 v2 or sprocket parts?

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I have a hobie mirage drive 180 v2 and the sprocket has finally sheared all the teeth after many years of use.

Before I go down the path of buying a new spine assembly just wanted to check if anyone has one lying around or is willing to sell the sprocket parts?

Hobie don’t sell the sprocket as a spare part unfortunately and they will only sell you the spine assembly which is pretty expensive.


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4 hours ago, lepoopoo said:

Hey mate, stevie.fishes on IG here.

If you look on Amazon you can buy metal sprockets there. I've got the link bookmarked at home and can shoot you a PM later today.

Hi Steve I know about them but they have been sold out for months and months but thanks anyway.
Wanted to reach out here just incase any kayakers had any spare parts around.

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