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Xmas camping and fishing down south

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Hi All, 

Been so long can't remember my last post. 

Over Xmas went south to Hobart Beach campground down near Merimbula. What a fantastic place to visit and relax. Pretty basic but that was the plan. 

Besides being a great place to see lots of wildlife goanna's, snakes, birds,  the fishing off the beach was awesome. 

Only had the esky so most of the fish we caught went back,  what we did keep made great sashimi, whole fish meals and a very nice fried fish casserole. (If someone 20 years ago had of said that one day I would be sitting around a camp at night eating fresh Australian Salmon sashimi I would have said you were mad)

Most of the fish we caught were really good size salmon, which the boys loved catching, we also caught a few good sized bream, trevally, rays and banjo sharks. 

Did catch quite a few fish spinning with metals also off the surf. So that was pretty exciting. Just a different feeling when they smack that metal and you get hookup. 

Overall a great break away. 

Hope that you enjoy the story and theIMG_20231224_174113.thumb.jpg.7065dca36bba28def0f543f0b9126b73.jpg photos.

cheers R&B






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