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Community rule #6 - Promoting businesses not related to Deckee

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Hi all,

I've noticed a lot of transgressions of Deckee community rule #6 of late, and thought that an explainer post was called for. 

Rule #6 is as follows:

No posts that promote a business, or advertise products or services that are not associated with or approved by DECKEE. Links to a third-party website for the purpose of educating users on a particular product (e.g. lifejacket or fishing reel) are allowed.

What is allowed

  • Mentioning a product by name, model or posting a picture. As an example, we can say 'I suggest you buy a Shimano Stradic 2000' or 'S-Factor'.
  • You can link to a manufacturer website if there is no 'add to cart' or 'buy now' option, for instance at the time of writing, you can't buy the Shimano Stradic directly from the Shimano website: Stradic FM | SPINNING | REELS | PRODUCT | SHIMANO
  • Pictures of a given product to illustrate what you have, including pictures from a manufacturer
  • Mention of businesses where permission has been granted by the moderation team and Deckee.
  • Promotion of products and services on the Deckee Store; this is in fact encouraged.
  • Personal messages (PM) of direct links to retail or business websites to other members. For instance if you wanted to alert a fellow member to a great deal from a particular store that is not related to Deckee, we ask that you  PM the member directly.
  • Private sales of second hand products, on the swap and sell forum

What is not allowed

  • Linking directly to businesses where one could purchase a product or service directly
  • Promote or mention a business that is not related to Deckee by name
  • Selling products or services as a business, unless you are selling on the Deckee store

Why is it so complicated?

We need to allow mentioning of products because a boating and fishing community cannot function if we are unable to mention specific products to use. However, we need to balance this with the need to protect our community from being taken advantage of by outside entities or individuals with a commercial agenda. It is a slippery slope if we allow too much leeway on this front.

Other ways to help your fellow members

There are other ways to clue members into to finding what you a suggesting, without explicitly mentioning the store. Forgive the Australian/Sydney -centric examples, but you can mention that 'three letter fishing and camping store' (BCF) and that 'snake store' (Anaconda) or a 'well known tackle store in Drummoyne' (Ottos). Likewise, I have seen 'Fleabay' (eBay) used, and in the same vein, one could say 'Aladdin's Cave in China' (Alibaba) or the discount Chinese retailer starting with T (Temu). In this case I explicitly named these businesses to illustrate my point.

The point is, that you can encourage members to find the products/services you are referring to for themselves.

However, if in doubt, just send a PM to the relevant member and then post publicly to say 'PM sent'. That way members know that you have knowledge and can contact you directly if they need the same product or service.

Summing up

We appreciate that 99% of transgressions of this rule are well-intentioned (because we're a wonderful, helpful community) so we don't tend to get too upset about it, but it has to be enforced, lest people or organisations with a commercial agenda try to take advantage of us.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or the other moderators. At present this is @mrsswordfisherman (Community manager), @Scratchie, @dirvin21, @Rah and myself.



ps. Full disclosure, I fell afoul of this rule myself years ago in my pre-mod days, where I had a rush of blood to the head and suggested an excellent guide on Lord Howe Island (FYI, this is in itself enough information to find the guide already). It was none other than @dirvin21 who pulled me up and corrected my post! So those of you who get pulled up by myself or any other mod; I totally understand what it is like! 

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Thanks very much Mike for this.

Members need to go to the Deckee shop to use the Deckee Marketplace.

You can find that under “Deals” in your drop down menu here when logged in. No linking to direct shops please. 

Any queries direct them to me in the first instance or mod team. 



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