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More closure or restrictions to parking at Parsley bay ramp this week

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G’day Raiders,

This popped up on one of the mugbook groups I frequent and I haven’t seen it on Fishraider ( if it has been shown I didn’t see it ) anyhow some bright spark has decided to block of a giant chunk of the parking area at parsley bay to film some silly tv show - just a FYI for any raiders thinking of using this ramp or the one at the road bridge in the next few days .


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Filming was done in my street a while ago. I could'nt believe the amount of gear needed for probably 2 minutes of a movie serial whatever it was they were doing.



5 big pantek trucks a couple of utes with trailers and a couple of directors cars, probable about 40 people , all for a couple of scenes in a movie. No wonder it costs so much to make a movie.


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It's a bit exciting when they come to do filming in your area. 

I grew up in Coogee and we had many shoots happening around all the beaches, cliffs and suburbs like Maroubra. It was popular and agree Frank they had to use lots of space to set things up.

I was the subject of a documentary in 1974. It was ABC Chequerboard and they filmed me for several weeks. They came to our small flat, my school, the beach, a party I went to. They brought lots of lighting equipment and Mum got a few dollars for the electricity bill. I was just 16, doing my school certificate and had my 1st boyfriend who was 20 and had a sports car. It was in stark contrast to the 2nd part of the doco who was a young man from Mosman was doing his higher school certificate. He was not allowed out at all except to a matinee movie or to kick a ball on the beach with school mates. He was not allowed to have a girlfriend or do anything out of the boundaries set by his mother. 

So I saw the production side of things from a different angle. 

Back to the original post (thanks Ian) 

https://www.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/business/invest/filming-in-hornsby-shire  a bit more info on the filming 

The actual new Australian TV Drama is called The Last Anniversary. Book written by Liane Moriarty author of Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers.

Nicole Kidman is in the cast and also produces the 6 episodes for this first series. 

Look for it on Binge 


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