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Brisbane Waters

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Having a few days at Wagstaffe (Central Coast) and took the old tinny out around the usual spots Hardys Bay, Ettalong foreshore etc. A few fatties on plastics, one blue swimmer that managed to actually get hooked in the corner of his claw and a couple of soapy jews both too small (50 and 40cm). Caught one big lizard 72cm that had a happy snap then back home - swam off happily. While she was getting ready to net the flathead Mary-annes's (wife)  handline went spinning around the boat. That had to wait till she netted my fish then she pulled in her line which had the first jewie. That day the flathead was too big and the jewies too small - needed to swap sizes ha. Also got a decent flounder on the plastic, it hit it like a train and fought much harder than most of the flatties.

Took a video of the flathead release but not sure how to load that? here's some pics of the rest.





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Fixed up photo that was uploaded as pdf
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10 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

Looks like a nice few days Fil. Nice flatty there. Red hot action!

FYI I fixed up the photo for you that was uploaded as a pdf (great catch of a jewie on a handline). Hope that was what was intended.

Thanks for fixing that, technology not my forte!

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