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Search for flat fish at Meadowbank (VIP of the day: ZMAN swim slimz)

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Since the storm drain construction finished, I've never caught a flathead in Meadowbank while I had good success with bream. The noble local fisherman @Little_Flatty has the exact experience which makes me wonder the system has changed dramatically.

Trying to look for our friendly neighbour Mr. Flatty in Meadowbank, I switched to normal jig heads (recently I've been fishing Meadowbank mostly using weedless to save my rigs cr. @Little_Flatty, the hookup rate is actually very good if anyone wonder). With a couple of grub-styled lures snagged, I decided to switch to my beloved swim slimz bloodworm and continued twitch and pause again and again.

I have to say that thing is a weapon! I got instant hits increase and finally a decent hookup - here it comes a nice flathead measured at 48cm. We still have them around, good news.


Switched spot to the wharf as I always want to try the little bay area between Epping scount's boat shed and Meadowbank wharf. There were lots of hits but sadly nothing connected - I saw a young fellow got a really good bream tho, must be beyond 35cm. I kept casting and felt a tiny hit after a while so I striked. Interestingly it felt dead - I would think it's a piece of Parra special (aka. trash) if there was a tiny headshake. Apparently it's another flat, flat-fish.


This is my first flounder actually. I'm happy to unlock another new species in my lure journal!

P.S. maybe this is just personal experience but I find it's less likely to snag when using a lighter jighead, eg. in my session it's a 1/16 oz one. But it indeed make it harder to cast/feel/work your lure. On the other hand, maybe it could make it more sensitive when there's sth drag/bite/hit?

Tight lines,


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