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What reel and what size for fishing off a tinny and jetties in middle harbour?


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I have been looking for a reel to pair with my 3-5kg shimano maikuro 2 rod and am not sure whether to go with shimano or daiwa and what size (I've been leaning towards 3000 from advice from friends). Ive been looking at a shimano stradic 3000hg, daiwa td black mq 3000 and shimano ultegra 3000xg and was wondering if anyone had any experience with any of these reels or had any advice on what to look for, what not to look for etc. Any help is much appreciated :)

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What are you targeting ???

My 3-5kg rods I have paired with a 2500 and a 2000, there more than enough for the line size I'm using.

In my opinion, my favourite size as far as balance goes would be the 2500 size, caught many a bream and some decent size Flatty's on thet set up.  I don't have any experience with those particular reels, I have larger stradic's and can't fault them at all, great reels.  For me, the rod and the line used are the most important factor in set ups of this weight/size..

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3000 is a bit on a bigger size for this kind of rod and fishing. I'd go with 2500 or 2000. Since my fishing journey started, I find myself gradually downsizing everything instead of upsizing, and in Middle Harbour I mostly use 2-4 kg rod with 2000 reel. It would suit 6-10lb braid pretty well. I don't know about Ultegra, but other two are very good reels for their price, try them out at a real store and see which one you like personally. 

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