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Spit Bridge Tips

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4 hours ago, The Asian Squid said:

Appreciate all answers.


You have only joined us a few months ago. In your posts so far you have asked lots of questions and members have been very generous with helping you. 

It is holiday time and most people are enjoying time with family and friends. 

Hope you had luck this evening. Look forward to reading your fishing reports. 

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That spot is always so crowded, I gave up going there... Never peace and quiet, just people casting over you from all sides. It must be quite overfished. Quite hard to go from the shore as well, due to very strong current - your jigs just get swept along. After sunset you can sometimes see tiny squid under the lights and they would take small jigs, but get scared easily and tbh are so small it's barely worth bothering. Maybe it's better off the boat, but then I see them tangling with people who cast off the bridge all the time and it must be infuriating... Saying that, I always manage a couple of small ones for bait there, but enjoyment is limited due to crowds and rubbish.

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