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Anyone know what this vessel is or what it is for ?


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G’day Raiders,

In a report a while back I mentioned a really bright light that was shining out in broken bay when I was launching at parsley bay then seemed to sail off over the horizon . I spotted a vessel anchored off umina beach on an app I use to check beach conditions and was wondering if anyone can identify what it is or does ? It also has some very bright lights so could it be the same vessel I seen ? IMG_0822.thumb.png.10e2b7d9accd00b0db067bf0dfd82bbc.pngIMG_0823.thumb.png.86977aecc99fbc75ddd0c6f146fd6d8c.png

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I heard there was some survey work for the proposed wind farms going on, no idea if that’s true or just some political blurb? Could possibly be something like that.

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You may wan't to download this App ... very handy in situations such as the above. If the ship is close to shore such as this one, then chances are it's AIS transponder is on and picked up by the shore AIS stations. You will be able to get all sorts of data - name, registered purpose, size, origin, destination, logged trips etc etc

There is a map view so you can zoom in on the shipping in an area - pretty easy to correlate what you are seeing with a vessel on the map.

I often check on large vessels when we encounter them offshore... makes for interesting conversation when you look at some and realise two -three weeks ago they were in Hong kong etc.  



Cheers Zoran

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