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Wanda Beach

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Headed to Wanda for a body surf this morning, the cloud drifting over as I drove there. Regardless I jumped in . A bit cool in, just had to keep moving about, then walking out into a light breeze  :frozen:, I heard 2 clunks on the sand - my jatz crackers dropped off  🤣.

A lot of kelp on the beach, and wrapped inside one clump was a dead bream, easily 30cm. Hook in it's mouth, another hook swinging free and the line wrapped around the kelp. The fisho most likely busted off due to the weight of the weed clump, and the bream died.

Probably from last night's fishing. It looked fairly fresh, but not fresh enough to take home for a feed. 😂


As a side issue, I once found a similar sized bream face first inside a plastic bait bag, a few prawns still inside the bag. Obviously swam in to feed on the prawns, the spikey fins stopping it from swimming out. It was very fresh, and found it's way home with me for the table.

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