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Fish Id Please


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G`day fellas ,

lawrie picked me up for a run along the beach to Manning Point so we might locate some likely Jew spots.

Lozza won`t fish during the Terrorist Season at Night , because of Too Many Dills , Driving Too Far, Too fast .

Arriving at the Headland I discovered this rather strange object , washed up on the beach during the large seas .

I have just realised I had not adjusted my camera , which was still set to semi close close up , and therefore the pic is out of focus , and slightly distorted .

any Ideas????.


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G`day Fellas ,

Heh ,heh,heheheh...

Bugger , I should have shovelled some sand over the Middle Bit .

But Gee from a distance It looked incredibly like a Big Croc don`t you think ? .

Some remarkable stuff get washed up at times , and I recall an old Artistic type from down dapto way , who used to gather up all types of stuff he found on the beach , made some big money from some of it too .


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