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What's On This Weekend? 4/5

Ken A

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Guest maraudingmado

:wife: always has something for me to do whilst she visits her friends for shopping/coffee :1badmood:

Just hope she has a guilt trip and says that I can go :1fishing1::1fishing1: before I go :tease::tease:

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I'll be fishing both days this weekend :yahoo:, and oddly enough it will be two sessions that are entirely out of the ordinary for me.

Saturday I will be accompanying fellow Raider Lightweight on a Bass hunting mission on one of our local rivers, in the lead up to the Pro Bass comp the following weekend. It will be my first time targeting Bass, so it will be an interesting experience. Hopefully all of our research will pay off with a few nice river fish, and a few honey holes to target in the comp.

Sunday I am heading out off Newcastle on a half day fishing charter with the father in law. It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to go outside, and will be the first charter boat experience for me. Hopefully we'll get onto a nice patch of snapper. Certainly can't complain about a free charter trip. :thumbup:

Best of luck to everyone wetting a line this weekend. :biggrin2:



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Will be honing my bait collecting skills in readiness for the upcoming social at the Entrance. Have figured out locations for beachworms, pippis, yakkas and tailor - now I just need somewhere for mullet and squid.

And, as always, will be chasing a beach jew off Maroubra.

Any day now . . . .


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No fishing for me this weekend. The :wife: got called into work on Saturday so its me and the kids on Saturday (mum and dad are coming up for lunch) and soccer registration for Andy on Sunday.

Hope everyone who gets out gets a fish (or six).



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Heading to Fig Tree for a land-based flick session with rus_cb Sat morning, then a few :beersmile: at Riverside oaks on Sunday.

If anyone wants to meet us at Fig Tree on Saturday, we'll be there around 6.30am..........

Just a note that outdoordan and myself will be at fig tree bridge on sat morn around 5.30am till 9am ish.

Hope to catch up and say hi

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:wife: has a lot of plans for me this weekend, the 5m3 skip she got lobbed out the front today would indicate I'm gonna be a little busy, I'm still gonna try to skip out for an early morning beach session one day and gonna try and sneak off for a few hours to the sydney car festival.

Have a good weekend raiders

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You bloody ripper, another weekend. :yahoo:

ABT Bass Electric comp for me at Danjera Dam, should be fun..........if the bass are biting that is. :1fishing1::1worthy:

Probably sink some grog and generally relax and have fun. :beersmile::1gathering:

So that's about it, not much else doin', except tomorrow (Saturday) I have a few things happening but basically it's an easy weekend. :biggrin2:

Have a good one Raiders and good luck to those wetting a line. :thumbup:

cheers :beersmile:


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