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G'day everyone,

Just wondering whether anyone can recommend a good outboard mechanic (mobile or workshop-based) in the Castle Hill/Hornsby area. I also work at Ermington which is another option.

I've recently purchased a 99' model Tohatsu 9.9hp 2 stroke and have been quoted $230 + parts for a standard 12 month service for this outboard at a workshop. This is my first outboard so don't have any previous experience.

How does this compare with any of your own quotes?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Personally, I would say that is too expensive. $230 plus parts really means $230 in labour, cause there is obviously no oil or filter !

Now $230 for labour at an average labour rate of about $70 equates to over 3 hours. You can rebuild one in three hours.

Go see Craig at Huetts in Cowan. Not a Tohatsu dealer but will still do a good job on it. Im sure he can beat $230 (especially once he reads this :1prop: )

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try blakes at mcgraths hill or independent outboards at blacktown

Independent Outboards did my outboard service last year and I was very happy with their service.

I've compared a few places ard sydney for a 50hr service on my engine and found them to be the cheapest.

They are also Yamaha PLATINUM dealer

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Sorry its taken me a while to reply back on this topic but I eventually ended up going for a dealer service and can wholeheartedly recommend Huett Marine Centre at Cowan for service. Dropped the 9.9 Tohatsu off on a Saturday morning with mention of no rush as I would pick it up the following Saturday. Even though the little motor was running OK, it was more a matter of peace of mind after buying a 2nd hand engine minus a service history.

In the end the total came to $138 for a 2 year service (including new impeller and all sundries) and the lady at the dealership more than happy to answer any "I'm new to boating" questions. Much better than the $230 + parts quote I was given earlier... Just goes to show it pays to shop around!

I know who I'll be sticking with next time.

Tight lines everyone :1prop:

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