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  1. So I can use epoxy resin even though the current one on the boat would more than likely be polyester? I thought I saw a video or read somewhere that that the resin needs to be matched unless I strip the whole lot back ?
  2. Hi Jigger, I'd be doing it from the outside as I already got a start on it a while ago from the outside.
  3. Dunc333, not a pod mate, it's a pod style transom. I have attached a pic of it
  4. Hey, thanks baitdropper. I have done some fibreglass work on my boat already but yeah never a transom. I could follow the YouTube vids on how to do it but my transom isn't a traditional transom straight across the back mine is more like a pod but it isn't if that makes sense. I think I could do it but I don't know what resin I should use, my boat was built late 90's early 2000's I believe so I gather it would have been polyester resin used on the glass, so that means I also need to use polyester resin? Also, I don't know what glass to use and how many layers, I believe there's a mixture of 450 chopped strand, and also double bias cloth? This is where I need the help. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, Look like finally having a crack at my transom, problem is I don't know where to start. My transom is a pod style transom as mentioned on this forum before, so not a traditional straight across the back flat transom, but would it still be the same layup as a traditional transom? I had a bloke lined up he was gonna have a look last week and tell me what he wanted done to speed up the process so he could take it off my hands and complete the work for me, but haven't heard anything so thinking stuff it I'm gonna start on it myself while off over Christmas. I think my stringers are ok so hopefully won't take too long to knock over the transom and get back on the water. I have no idea so If anyone can pass on any info on a website where I can get information on how many layers of glass and what type of glass I should use that would be great. As stated on this forum a fair while ago I started to rip at it but started from the outside instead of the inside, that I later found out is the better way to do it. Thanks Geoff
  6. G'day all, Been a while... a long while! Might be getting my troubled boat fixed early next year, so hopeful it won't be too long and I'll be back on the water. Talking to a guy not too far away who did some work for a mate at works son, and he said from what he could see in the pics I sent him he could probably know it over in a weekend, but I explained I was thinking about raising the transom, so obviously more work and I'd like to change the hole where my cables go through for my outboard because it sits low and takes on water there on choppy days, especially when I am offshore. I am looking at repowering as I'm not sure my old Mercury 125 Saltwater series will be any good she's been on the hoist now for nearly 2 years and when I was taking it off there are quite a few bolts rusted on the engine that I gather wouldn't be able to be unscrewed so thinking of making the move to a four stoke engine and tossing between the Mercury 115HP CT or a Yammy 115HP. I love the sounds of the Merc with the command thrust, but Yammies are just so loved and reliable worldwide so not sure which way I should go. Any advice from those in the know or can speak for what they have would love to hear it. Thanks Geoff
  7. Hey Antony, yeah mate watched a 1000 of his videos. Thanks but appreciate it.
  8. Thanks Noelm, but just cosmetic stuff.
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