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  1. Hey mate, pretty sure it was just white with a white eye, or white with a red eye.
  2. Wow these guys put up a spectacular fight, this fish jumped out the water about 6 times with the fish well clear of the water, caught on my 8wt on Clouser I tied myself.
  3. Sure can especially since it was hooked in less them a metre of water with 20lb tippet, it's first run was towards 50m but it'd not like there's any structure on the flats so you can just let it do its thing.
  4. Yeah for some it is said to be the Holy Grail of fly fishing, but the Holy Grail is really what ever your goals are.
  5. I was very lucky to get this on my second day on the flats, but it gets better I caught my second Permit the next day and my 3rd Permit the following day.
  6. Sure was after fishing hard to get the hook up, I was pretty nervous during the fight feeling every voilent head shake with that thought of something going wrong like pulling the fly or popping the fish, very relieved to land the fish.
  7. First Permit on fly, fishing Hinchinbrook with Clint Isaac. Caught on a Crab pattern on my 10wt with 20lb tippet. Anak are a very good fighter hooked in less than a meter of water so theres only one way they can run, and thats away from you accross the flat.
  8. Thanks mate, it was back in December 2019 on my 6wt using a 1/0 Clouser white/yellow with red double pupil eye from Saltwater flies Australia
  9. Thanks DerekD, I've just sent something through to Scatchie to see if he can approve the record of my 78cm Flathead.
  10. Hey Scatchie,

                           With a recent post/report of a Flathead on fly it was suggested I submit for the fly record for Flathead. I've actually caught a bigger one back on the 13th of December 2019.

    I was wondering if I could submit this 78cm Flathead on Fly.

    I was fishing in the Hunter River using my 6wt fly rod with floating line.

    I can't remember the exactly weight tippet but would assume it was 10lb.

    Cheers Ben


  11. Thanks Derek, I might just do that but I might put my pb on fly in the records which is 78cm so it hopefully takes a bit more to beat. But here's hoping we all get some solid ones this summer. Cheers Ben
  12. Oh yeah when you know it's a good Flatty you've got all them thought going through your head, hope it's not hooked too deep and rubs me, hope it doesn't shake the fly out boat side, sure is a relief when it's in the net. I've caught a few bigger ones on fly but this is first big one for this season. And fishing fly is so much fun, can be very challenging at times but the more you do it the better you get and I just can't put the fly rod down. Very satisfying catching on a fly I tied aswell
  13. Here's hoping to some good fishing over the next few months
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