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  1. That's what made this trip so special! Couldn't go out for two weeks because of the rubbish conditions but Monday Morning was bliss, no wind at all, but a strong current pushing us atleast 2 knots Thanks mate serious trip for serious fishos
  2. Well split between three, and after sharing some fish with friends, I managed to vacuum seal the extras and should be good in the fridge for 1-2 weeks! Believe it or not fish can be vaccum sealed in the fridge for weeks and still have no smell lol
  3. Hello all I never do my reports here but I do browse often. Hit the FADs and the Mahi Mahi were out to play yesterday. Launched from Foreshore around 5:45 AM had livebait in the tank by 6:20 AM, loaded with about 40 slimies and yakkas. Lots of big baits too. I found it interesting how some one was catching livies off their boat while docked at the ramp lol anyways reached FADs by 6:50 AM and it started off slow but it got super hot around 7:30-10:30 AM to which the bite died off. We had run out of our live bait anyway but used butterflied baits towards the end which seemed to hook us up to the larger cows and bulls. Largest going 90cm Trolled for bonito around cape banks for a few of them If you;re interested in learning how to rig/find these you can check out @99fishingworld (YT/TT/IG).
  4. Looks like a shark. Kingies move much quicker
  5. Tarik

    BIG RED!!

    last time i was there i caught nothing but small flathead.. and it was just sand.. very interesting
  6. HI all. ive recently purchased a boat and have been catching flathead and ur basic species.. Im looking to go to the peak this sunday to drop some livies... has anyone been there recently? Is long reef better for kings these days? just want some information before i waste my time out there peace
  7. the water is actually super warm. i guess that's why people are still managing to catch dollies and marlin at this time of the year? The wind is what is usually quite cold. If the suns out, all is good! Yes cooked them up tonight, beautii mateeee Thanks mate. I hope to go down south and launch from stanwell park beach this week, looking to head over to The Hump and drift a long some of the wrecks down there... call me crazy but I might just end up at the FADs one day 🤣
  8. Thanks mate.. yeh I just realized a lot of it was drifting but was still.. Cheers Thanks mate. Hoping to hit the foul grounds further to the south for snapper or other desirable species! If anyone has any advice around this area so tell please!
  9. Weather looked good so launched the hobie from fisherman’s beach around 7 AM. As I took my beanie off I dropped my sunglasses into the sand and didn’t realize until I was on the water…knowing this I quickly put my hat on and made sure I always drifted with my back towards the sun.. Unfortunately I didn’t have my fish finder because australia post messed up my battery delivery… There were barely any boats in sight and none in the long reef close wall that normally has 10-20 boats .. must be the colder weather Anyways decided to go straight past the reef in close and head to the narrabeen wrecks and drift the sand along the way for some flathead using paternoster rigs. Managed to land flathead after flathead but only two came up legal. One 52 cm and one 42cm. It was my PB record for flathead though! I caught probably 20 overall. There were two boats or so on the wrecks, I tried drifting over them but with only an iPhone GPS it’s not easy work 😂 I was about 5-6 km from shore but was very comfortable even when the wind was gusting every so often. decided to go south and try a few marks but seemed like it was still just sand and undersized flathead as shown in the map.. I noticed 5-6 boats further south, probably where the gravel marks are, I have these marks in my GPS but decided it was too far and left it for another day… I also noticed Wahoo charters heading out that way 😈 On the way back I drifted over the close reef to try for some reef species..no sweep.. I kayaked total probably over 20km, I was exhausted and landed with ease, the surf was low so managed to surf a few basic waves back in near the rocks to save time. kayakers please make sure you remember to set your drag especially with heavy setups or prepare to shit yourself when you snag and you can’t take the rod off the holder or reach for the bail arm 😂 All in what a fun day exploring the area.
  10. Conditions look good this Saturday so I’ll be heading out this Saturday from fisherman’s beach around sunrise if any other kayak raiders want to join in 👍🏼 Hoping to fish the reef in close with bottom bashing bait, soft plastics, maybe even troll some livies and hit the narrabeen wrecks a bit wider later. Other raiders feel free to say hello if you see me in the blue hobie 👍🏼
  11. I've already imported 5000 GPS marks from an older post on here but ill defs check this one out.. the more info the better hey..
  12. are you planning on visiting broken bay or just staying inside? Do you have your GPS marks ready? I’ve tried the hawksbury years ago with no luck although I did not visit any proper marks around broken bay, there are some good marks and reefs there, wrecks that I have seen previous members talk about, and I have these marks too. I’d come but I may be traveling this weekend. All the best 😄
  13. Has anyone done any wreck fishing recently or in the past with desirable results? Been thinking about visiting the SS Tuggerah Wreck which lies 2.2km east of Wattamolla. There is also a drop off to the east (30m-50m) that looks like it could hold something decent. looking to find snapper, morwong and other desirable bottom feeding species. also looking at visiting the Hump again (off stanwell park) if anyone has visited recently.
  14. filleted skin off, de boned, pan fry with salt and pepper and fresh squeezed lemon to top it off. tastes just like snapper. They have a good amount of meat too (they're fat buggas)
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