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  1. One last question what technique do i use for paternoster like depth action ect.
  2. Wow I'll try that. What burley u reckon just like pillies chopped up or what?
  3. Damn thats crazy. With the paternoster rig do u use any action or just set and forget and at which depth? Do u reckon its worth targeting em using this method. Cheers
  4. Yeh mostly arrows, but u can still catch calamari depending on how dirty the water is. Cheers for advice.
  5. Hey all, One thing I've struggled with in terms of fishing middle harbour has been squid. I know it isn't because they aren't there because from all reports they have been fine, but I just can't seem to be getting them consistently. I have a small tinnie and am generally restricted to the upper reaches of middle harbour launching at roseville, defo no further than spit. I know getting em east of spit is way easier for consitent results but the upper reaches is where im restricted to atm. I've tried all the usual spots, weed beds, differentiating depth, different jigs, different retrieves, etc and can't seem to get more than a couple in a few hrs. Is it even possible to get em consistently up there? If so what do I do? What do I need to change with winter coming up? I'm not asking for exact spots but general areas and tips would be awesome bc i've been getting pretty frustrated recently, often with days with not one. Cheers.
  6. Just a couple of quick questions that arose from my session today: 1. Should I be targeting kings or jews at the moment, what is on the bite? 2. If I cannot get squid as a live bait, should poddy mullet or yakkas be my backup plan? 3. Does time or tide matter when targeting kings or jews? 4. Should I be slow trolling for kings or jews with a live or strip bait? 5. When targeting Jews, should I be looking for deep holes on the sonar to fish?
  7. Hi all again, went out for a session on the kayak this morning (on the water around 6ish). First I went for some squid between killarney point and bantry bay with no luck or interest all. Luckily the previous night I purchased a couple of fresh squid at narrabeen, so I trolled for about three hours from bantry bay to seaforth bluff and got a small hit after about 20mins (picture below) but after that nothing for about 3 hours. Next I went to deep hole I sounded the night previous on navionics around yeoland point looking for some snapper and large bream with the same fresh squid. Got 5 snapper all around the 25cm mark to my frustration after about 3 hours doing that as well. I then decided to head up to roseville bridge targeting leatherjacket and nothing there either after an hour or two except for small bream. I'm starting to consider finding a way somehow to launch closer to the spit and fish around that area, as i think that it might just be a more productive area, for squid and live bait, as well as kingies and other target species, or to persist where I am. Unlucky day obviously, but I'm going to keep toiling till I strike gold!
  8. Thanks for all the advice Derek, appreciate the help. I do have a fishbrain account so I will check those two that you mentioned. Cheers!
  9. Hoping to get a fish finder later this year or early next along with a boat, whether it be a tinnie or something a bit bigger. Thanks for all the advice, will post any good results on this forum! Cheers!
  10. Ok James, so from what I got from what you said, bull sharks generally move out during winter, which for me is great because I have a pretty good wetsuit. Thanks for the advice on leatherjacket - I guess if the kingies and Jews are off I can do that as a backup plan, also with leatheries, is there a particular time or tide they bite, what baits and rigs to use and how do you avoid pickers. I know how to make poddy traps so if squid luck is rotten i guess i can put a couple of traps around the shallows at bantry bay or something. Thanks for the advice. If I can't get any squid, but do get some poddies, is it worth going for kingies with them or just for jews. Thanks again.
  11. Ok, know I think I understand the basis of squid fishing in the area (good luck this morning by the way) and I am assuming if I'm fishing land-based I just kind of work the shoreline, as the bush trail wraps along the shore from bantry bay to roseville bridge, so I have plenty of space to work with there. I am guessing that you are saying that trolling on the kayak mid-water is my best chance of a king, could you please explain the poor man's downrigger for me, keeping in mind that I only have 25lb line which I don't know is heavy enough. When doing this, do you use the whole squid fresh dead, live, cut into strips or head and gut. Also, does time of the day matter when going for kingies, eg dusk and dawn and where should I look to fish for kings, I have heard that they like structure like moorings and bridge pylons, is this true? Lastly, is it possible to go land-based for kings as well, if so how should I target them in. that respect. I have left below an image of my tackle box, please tell me if my gear is adequate and if not what I need, I think my hooks are around 4/0 and another thing is, my two best squid jigs which are both yamashita (2nd and 3rd from the right of the rows of jigs at the bottom) are the rattling ones, is this a bad or good thing? It is claimed to be the same noise that prawns make which attracts squid but I'm not sure if it will work seeing that I have never used them. Thanks again for all the help.
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