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  1. Lovely little story to read Derek. Sounds like an enjoyable time was had. 😀
  2. Wow, they look awesome! Congrats.
  3. The look on the little fella's face: priceless. He'll remember that day for a lifetime. Love seeing posts like these. 💝
  4. Just spotted this post sorry @Pickles. It is just the two of us heading off to Oberon this weekend. Appreciate the kind offer, and looking forward to catching up as per our messaging. 🙂
  5. Thank you @Mike Sydney. All packed and just about to leave. 😁
  6. Greetings @Pickles. So happy you reached out. We are actually neighbours. I'm at Londonderry, and I tend to grocery shop at Richmond. We are heading to Oberon for this weekend. We would surely love to meet up for a chat, and we'd be up for fishing too. I'll flick you a pm with my number. Kind regards FL
  7. Thank you @Yowie. Appreciate the advice on the Tailor. Might try eating the next one if under 40cm and add some lemon juice to a marinade perhaps. I will look up and check minimum size if any. 😊 @BigHorse You are most welcome. As a Mum of two teens in high school, I love hearing that you are out and about fishing, and I also love seeing you interacting with society in a great way on raiders. Alas, despite my best efforts, mine are more intent on their PlayStations at this point in time. 😒 I'll be sure to take the advice of Yowie and yourself in relation to bleeding the fish. It is not something I have done yet, but I watched a You Tube video on it just recently. Not the nicest aspect of things, but better I learn to do it the most appropriate way. We've got no plans to give up on the worms just yet either. I'll be cheering you on for your next attempt. I'm looking forward to seeing more fishing reports from you, and also a post that shouts out - "I did it" in relation to catching your first worm.
  8. Mr Fisherlady and I have had two good attempts at getting beach worms, but so far we've come up donuts. On our second attempt, one very kind passerby who was jogging the beach on the way to meet his wife, stopped to give us some pointers, and pulled up a ripper worm in the short time he had, that went on to land us some nice fish. We've found one spot on the Northern beaches where they are hanging out, but it is probably not the greatest spot as it drops off more than we would like, even at low tide. Our attempts are more like an opportunity to get drenched prior to heading off fishing with other bait. We've watched a few video's, and will watch the one above thank you @mjbsyd. We are not ready to give up yet. Mr Fisherlady managed to get his fingers on one during our second attempt, so I count that as progress. 😅 @BigHorse Thank you for the fishing report. Are you after the tailor for bait, or eating? Hubby caught one recently, but we used it as bait. I am just wondering how tailor go as an eating fish... Well, I'm looking forward to your next fishing report. Cheers FL
  9. Thank you @frankS. I will change the soil when we arrive. 🙂
  10. 😂🤣😅🤣Love it! @motiondave Thank you for reaching out. Sounds like we would have a bit to talk about in relation to raising boys etc. It's good that you give your wife an opportunity for a reprieve. As much as we love our babies, it can become a bit much sometimes if there is no breaking up the everyday. (and that is putting it as diplomatically as I can...) It is helpful for everyone if Momma gets a break. Ironically I had just been looking into figuring out where to get earthworms from, if my hopes of finding some in my garden failed tomorrow morning. I was thinking that after our camping trips are done, that I would look into setting up a worm farm. I've done compost worms before, but never regular worms. An opportunity to meet you would be much more interesting however, and I would like to take you up on your kind offer thank you. I will send you a pm and we can go from there.
  11. @big Neil Agreed 100%. Sometimes you just know instantly when you have met people who are gold. Easy to see why you look upon Frank and Mrs Frank as family. I spent but moments in the yard as we pried Mr Fisherlady and @frankS apart so we were on time to pick the children up. I'm sure those two could have continued chatting happily for hours. I did note their backyard was tranquil, and a place you feel immediately comfortable and relaxed in. I loved the plants in particular, but did not venture off the concrete due mostly to lack of time. The birds were not about at the time, so I did not get to see that. I also loved the location in general of their home, with the park straight across the road. We pulled into the street, and Mr Fisherlady, who was driving, began to look at house numbers. I looked ahead and said, "There". I pointed to the boat and said, "that's it, down there..." Such a lovely quiet spot right in the thick of suburbia, and boat aside, I just knew that it would be Frank's home at the quiet end of the street. We admired Frank's woodwork also. Very nicely turned out pieces. If you are happen to be coming up this way, please sing out. Freshly ground coffee is always available on demand, and toasties can be whipped up in a jiffy. We'd love to meet you. FL
  12. @Volitan Thank you for the tips. Sounds like some good ideas there.
  13. @bessell1955 How are you doing with the current rainfall? Road closures here at Londonderry again. Very sad to see people go through the same situation 12 months apart, and some again just a short time again after that too. Must be extremely demoralising. Taking the time to listen to your students and affording them an audience would be very helpful. Having their thoughts and feelings heard by an adult that is listening intently can be very comforting, and can go a long way toward healing and restoration. I'm sure they would very much appreciate it. I'm feeling fortunate to be "high and soggy", and not inundated. We lost power for several hours the other week, and the driveway is looking pretty shabby, but there's certainly no complaints. Glad to see humour is helping you through. Your commentary of the situation made me smile. We had kids paddling kayaks down the street recently. They were making the best of the situation, and community spirit has been alive and well with people helping each other.
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