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Bye Bye Rus_cb


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as some of you know next sunday Rus will be leaving sydney and going back west for a year, so i thought.

"What a good excuse for a drink"

so next saturday i'll be meeting rus at the intersection hotel to see if i can send him home with another PB.

the biggest bloody hangover of his life.

anyone that wants to come down and help him get this new PB is more than welcome to join us.

it will be sad to see you go rus your a top bloke and a bloody good deckie.

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Hey all. I'll be rocking up up at about 7:30, maybe 8 if I cant get away from work earlier. Hang on, last day... Somehow I think i'll be there at 7:30. Looking forward to seeing all who can make. Ill have to make sure to bring the camera for some blackmail pho.. er happy snaps. :biggrin2:

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from what i can remember it was a great night, and the headache i woke up with this morning confirmed it :drunk: .

goes to show we don't have to be fishing to enjoy the company of fellow raiders.

good luck with your final year of studies Rus and if we don't see you next week we'll see you next year when you come back. but make sure you keep posting and show us east coasters the fishing you get out west.

oh by the way,,,,,, who was the mod that got us kicked off the balcony after an unfortunate glass smashing accident :1prop::1prop:

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oh by the way,,,,,, who was the mod that got us kicked off the balcony after an unfortunate glass smashing accident :1prop::1prop:

Well it wasnt me :074:

Hmmmm it wasn't me either and got the pics to prove it :biggrin2:

Watch this post for all the pics from last night, and the REAL inside story.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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OK here is the in depth report on the rus_cb send off held at The Intersection Hotel at Kogarah. We all arrived at the designated time. The night flowed along smoothly until Chris decided to knock several glasses flying off the balcony to the street down below.

Most of the raiders were studying the street below intently and rating the young ladies (great view of their :1yikes: ) as they walked into the pub. The 2 oldest male members were particularly good at this exercise :pokey: bloody pervs .......

We continued to party on and eventually the security asked us to move on to the beer garden outside due to the increasing level of noise that we were producing :1gathering:

The activities continued with each person performing tricks. Sharky started with the MATCH TRICK that mystified everybody especially Dane who had been trying to work it out for years. Swordfisherman shattered the dream by duly performing the trick on his first attempt. Not to be outdone, Outnumbered produced a trick of ginormous proportions whilst we looked on in awe.

Brian did the MANIPULATION OF THE TWIG TRICK and he dared anyone to have 5 goes and if unsuccessful a beer was to be sent his way. Mr Magician Sharky cracked the uncrackable and we all had a good laugh (see attached pic of Sharky psyching himself up in the corner :1wallbash: )

Next came Dane with THE DISAPPEARING SMOKE TRICK and a contortionist stunt.


Outnumbered brought his lovely magician's assistant Teri in to show THE BEER ON TOP OF HEAD BALANCING TRICK which all men had thought was a myth :074: (see pic attached).

The night came to an end. Sammy0884 almost had a head on collision with a dumb blonde in the carpark.

Sir Crazedfisherdude (mr celebrity) and his princess Nicole were whisked away in a chariot driven by his Mum and Dad.

Me and Stewy drove Sharky and Dane home. Poor Dane received a phone call from a gorgeous woman at 1am and his phone battery ran out. The screams would have been heard several suburbs away over that mishap.

All in all a fantastic night and it was a pleasure to meet you Russ. Please keep in touch via the forums until your next visit to Sydney.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman


















Not real sure what Brian was up to here :074:

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