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Berkley Dropshot Spin Rods?


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G'day everyone,

They look like a pretty good value spin stick, IM6 graphite, Fuji Alconites and reel seat :thumbup: Campbells have them at the moment for $89.00 so its hard to ignore a stick with those specs at that price.

I'm looking at purchasing a 7ft 2-4kg spin stick in the near future and dont have an awful lot to spend so these rods have caught my eye.

I know you get what you pay for but I fish a fair bit so durability is a concern for me. For an extra $20.00 I can get an IM6 Heartland that is a well proven blank but unfortunately they dont come in 7ft.

Does anyone have any feedback on the Berkley Dropshot rods?

Thanks in advance :thumbup:

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For an $89 rod, I think the Berkley DS is decent value, the only minor gripe one may have with them is that the putty used to fill up the gaps/holes in the cork comes off in the hands with extensive use. My hands dont sweat profusely but the leftover sunblock might have contributed slightly :1prop:


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Hi Cap,

I have one and love it, it is the best priced rod i own. For a sub $100 rod, you can't go wrong.

I have handled 5-7kg Jewies no problems at all, i have also had some XO salmon and taylor give it a work out and never looked like giving in.

They are a little heavy for all day lure casting, but that is in comparison to a Loomis, so that may be unfair.

I am looking at getting another one soon, as they are a rod that can be used and if it gets punished, at that price it doesn't really matter.


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Guest Jewel

Exceptional value for money from what Ive seen, sure its not a Loomis but at 1/4 the price and realistically not stacks behind in performance you cant go wrong.

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