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Has Anyone Had This Problem


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Hey guys, mate my GPS has been playing up lately and i thought i would see if anyone could help

Its a Lowrance ifinder cheapo handheld and last trip i made it could get a fix on its location after being turned on for an hour.

Figured it was stuffed and then when i got home and turned it on it got a fix in a couple of minutes.

Does the Alum from the boat effect its chances of getting a fix?? or is there another reason for this problem...

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Hi Netic,

Sorry if this sounds dumb,but did u have any obstacles

between the GPS and the sky,ie-bimini or any other part

of the boat.

I have experiance a similar occurance with a Magellan GPS

while out in the bush,and the culprit was a few large trees

that were present nearby and partially blocking the GPS's

ability to track enough satelites to get a position fix.

:beersmile: penguin

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I have a Magellan Gold mounted on the dash of the Haines. On early morning starts when there is condensation on the screen it takes for ever to get a fix. Wipe the screen and dry it off and it gets a fix in 45 seconds. I managed to get a re-radiating aerial off Ebay for $40, problem fixed.


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