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Bream Are In Town! Photo Link Added


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hit the spit late arvo yesterday and between 3 of us caught 10 keeper bream in about half a hour until security evicted us, including a pb bream of 43cm/1kg (tip to tip) which went like a monster. They were hitting uncautiously on ever single cast taking cut pilchards and yellowtail,. The biggest all took whole yellowtail and pilchards heads


returned around 5

click here for photo

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Well Done Barry. Ten keepers in half an hour. Tell the Security to "have a heart, & hit the road" :mad3:

He obviously doesn't get excited about catching big bream like we do.

Can't wait to see the pics.


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also, there were five bust offs between us from some real monsters

Nice work there with the catches,i was thinkin about going with some friends to the spit for some land based action this weekend, but im not sure if the weather will permit :1badmood:

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Guest Aron

Nice report!

Where abouts at the spit if you don't mind me asking?

Cheers, Snapn :1fishing1:

love you avatar - clint always on target

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Guest Aron

It actually looks like Chuck Norris.


yep - your right

Clint is a lot taller and would be shooting a magnum

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