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Anyone Into Cars?


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Heres a pic of my mates Val, its an injected 265 hemi hes starting the build of another one to use for some circuit work.


Thats Nik,s pacer. It's a sweet car, looks good with the new wheels doesn't it. I know him from Moparmarket.He even made a spread in thge latest street machine although I haven't seen it yet

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I reckon the sweetest sound in a car is the rumble of an old school V8 through a big exhaust :yahoo:

Here's my girl down to her sox and undies, she's just about to be attacked with paint stripper and readied for copious lashings of ford velocity blue mmmmmmmmm

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Cars aye,

Drag Racing is my life, We compete as a family, make my living from drag racing and get to travel O/S at least once a year to be involved in drag racing.

And we get to own some fast machinery as well.

If you have never had the opportunity to see, hear and feel a nitro powered dragster you have something in life to look forward to.

To feel your body shake, the ground shake and the nitro fumes make your eyes and nose run is amazing.

And the alcohol fuel aint bad either.

Go to www.dragsteraustralia.com.au for a look.

That's what I do.

That's my handle TAFC10, Top Alcohol Funny Car, licence #10



P.S The fishing keeps me sane

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