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Botany And Fish Stocks


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Dear Fishoes

Heard on the news today fisheries are placing large stone balls in groups around Botany to create artificial reefs and inturn increase various fish stocks. Considering the depths of Botany I hope they don’t create boating hazards.

In any case looks like some of our fishing licence money is going to a good cause.

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Hi all,

I rang Fisheries on tuesday and the guy there said they were actually out laying the reefs that day and also the next. He didn't know locations but said he'd pass on my number to the guy in charge and that he'd give me a call. No more news as yet, but I'll post whatever I find out as soon as I find out!



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I believe they have placed these stone balls in Lake Macquarie as well a few months back...

I'm yet to hear any real feedback from anyone that fishes that area though...

I am all for it, need more of them reefs in the bay.

However I am also going to write a letter to fisheries, to firstly support them for what they are

doing, but also, to let them know that as custodians of our fishing licence revenues they

must install these reefs at fair expenses, and that they should make an effort to find

equivalent methods or resources in maximising our funds .

I will be fuming if these patented rock balls cost a billion million dollars, when at the end

of the day, heaps of cheaper alternatives are on hand ??? ??? ??


Apperantly HMAS Canberra is being planned to be towed in from Perth after it has been

stripped down, and sunk as an artificial reef in a to be decided choice of a few spots off

NSW, (this has info has been sourced from the Sydney Morning Herald)


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