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I went today

$16 entry + parking

worth going, brought a couple of dvd and books, there is lots tackle etc all reduced.

There was a coupon in the paper last weekend for 50% off. check the paper before you go they may repeat the deal

Best part for me was watching the stand with Steve Starling on soft plastics & Rick Huckstepp's explaining how to set up and use your sonar - very educational and i learnt heaps.

Only there for 2 hours if i had more time would have stayed all day.

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i also went out to the expo today with a good fishing and school mate of mine. managed to pick up a great tiagra 25 reel for $160 and a shimano backbone 24kg stand up game rod for $100. cant wait to tangle with some nasty kings lol.

Graphite flick sticks were cheap also i picked up a shimano backbone series 2-5kg for 60 bucks. gotta love the expos cheap cheap cheap.


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I went yesterday with some of my fishing friends and manage to get lots and lots of bargains.

-28 metal lures, all diferent styles and sizes all for 8 bucks

-25 packs or aerostar softeez and drug shad plastics all for 10 bucks

-145 jigs heads all different sizes 15 bucks

-aerostar vb3000 baitcaster 5 bucks

-shimano technium baitcaster rod to go with the reel 13 bucks

-couple of tackle boxes around 2 bucks each

-5 packs starlo and bushy squidgys for about 15 bucks

and about 50 other items all at dirt cheap prices.

I went on the last day when everyone wanted to quicky sell all there stuff :thumbup:

I cant wait till the boat show cause my friends dad is buying a boat and itll be out on the water probably every weekend :1fishing1:

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tiagra 25 reel???????

Please tell me u mean TLD 25 for 160buks or i will pull my hair out :wacko: . But Tiagras dont come in a 25 size so i feel safe :biggrin2:

sorry my bad i was looking at the reel a friend got at a bday, TLD it is oops.

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