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10/7/2006 Wetting A Line With Fellow Raiders


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Hey Raiders,

We launched from cooks river boat ramp at 6am, we headed straight out find the FAD but it wasnt there, so we decided to troll the peak, there was plenty of birds around and plenty of fish on the sounder but no luck trolling. we then threw on the sinkers and did some bottom bashing where outnumbered picked up the first fish of the day a 45-50cm King. We then started to get bitten off by leather jackets, after losing about three rigs each the decision was made to head in a bit closer. We pulled up a Morwong, undersized snapper and seargent baker.

We then moved on for the troll where things started to get exciting, i think we just about every brand and model of lure you could think of hanging off the back of the boat. Bang i got my first ever bonito woohoo. We then kept trolling on past yellow rock where we were hooking up salmon like it was going out of fashion. and that was my first salmon catch as well, geez they put up a good fight.

After being all salmoned and bonito'd out we headed back into botany bay for some trev. The first spot we pulled up wasnt producing any trev so we changed location, where we pulled in quite a few trevs, they loved the watermelon pearl minnows.

All round a top day, Tunofun, outnumbered and sharky are all top blokes and it was good to meet some other raiders, I havent been a keen fisho for that long so it was good to get some experince from these guys.

Tight Lines





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it was a great day on the water with a great crew of raiders, you can tell by the lack of pics taken that it was a relaxed day :1prop:

even though we didnt make it out to the shelf (another wrong forcast from the BOM :1badmood: ) i couldn't think of a better way to spend a monday.

thanks again Brett, and well done on popping a couple of cherries Jo :thumbup:

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Guest Sea Jay

Congrats mate on the new species, such a shame about the weather though, well there is always another day

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Well.... it must be just me..... I recognised that spot and I have never caugth a thing trolling around there. Looks Like I'll have to try harder!

Mate with trolling its strange, one week you will get plenty of fish in a spot and the next you will get none, you cant give up on an area after a few trips, fish move around quite a bit.

Also the lures you use are very important

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