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Fish Otters Fishing Morning

fish otter

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:1fishing1: 24th July

I went fishing today at the North head, Sydney harbour.Hooked up about fifteen ausi salmon all about 3 kilos, massive skools of surface fish.I tried out my homemade flies.Nearly every cast was a hook up,was top fun on 3 kilo line, I'm very happy an proud becuase they are the first flies i made.In the moment it is hard to catch the salmone.I worked out what colour an size flies.water conditions half a metre swell and clean water :thumbup:

no other boats stuffing it up :yahoo:

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Guest Dont Shoot Da Chinamen

top day buddy

it was way to messy for us yesterday

and nice going with home made flies!!! :thumbup:

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Guest fishrunner

Well done fish otter, catching fish on you're own creations is a great feeling :thumbup: .

Also good to here of a few schools of sambo's about, would've been a great day!!


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