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Its A Boy


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Guest madsmc

Congratulations Steve. Hope mum and bub are well. :thumbup:

I have fond memories of when our son was born. It definately is one of the best experiences you can have. :biggrin2: And just between you and me, I'm glad I wasn't the one giving birth. :1yikes:



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Huge well done there Steve. :thumbup:

There will be some sleepless nights & it's wrong when they get crock but being a dad is the best. You've got so many great times ahead.

All the best to Mum & Bub as well.



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Thanks very much all, your all a great bunch of people and it means everything :biggrin2: , Gonna enjoy a good night sleep hopefully and nice relaxing night :1prop: as the missus and baby are due home tommorrow morning and might be my only good night sleep for a while

Thanks again all Steve

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Well done on you first Steve!!!!

After our discussion early this evening I dunno how you can cope with 6weeks stuck on land,,,,, but I suppose these moments are the ones you treasure for ever!!!!!!!!!!, Looks like you might have a new upcoming deckie to be trained ay? :1prop::1prop:

Once again CONGRATS Mate!

Dan and Greg

Edited by Dan and Greg
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As per everyone else......

Congrats mate, to you & your missus

And yes it is a bit early to get a racing car set - give him a month at least

But a fishing rod?......well...........

Enjoy the wonderful journey that lay ahead - i know i am (5 & 3 y.o.'s)

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