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New Boat

Mondo Rock

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Sorry to do this to y'all, but I've just acquired a new boat and I don't know of any other forum of people who will appreciate the joy quite as much as you will. So here it is: a spanking new Quintrex 5.1 metre Top-ender with every fishing accessory I could think of fitted to it. The engine is a 90hp Merc Optimax and it runs like a dream.




How stoked am I!!!!

This summer there will be a new boat in the Broken Bay area - but I'm still debating as to what to call it. I was leaning towards 'Islamic Sea-had' just coz I think it's funny, but I'm not Islamic and I don't want to get shot. I also rejected 'Osama Bin Sailin' for the same reason (and it's not a sail boat anyway).

So maybe just 'Sea-Had'.

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Congrats Mondo :thumbup: I love the rig mate, and with that beast based up in Brisbane waters I know that elusive gew isnt far away. I hope Im the one to take the pic for you (cough...cough....Please take me out in your new boat...... clearing throat sound) Anyway all the best and I look forward to reading you first fishing report. :biggrin2:

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Thanks guys - I knew that I'd get a much more satisfying response from you Fishraiders than I did from the work colleagues (standard response is "Is that it? From the way you've been carrying on I thought it would be bigger").

As for the crewing requirements - Sharky, CFD et all - you guys know you're at the top of the list, but you'll need to give me some time to get the boat-based fishing around that area sorted so I don't embarrass myself with fishless trips. I reckon a month should do it!!!!

And Flattieman - as for the elusive Jew - whilst I do look forward to boating a few I remain comitted to landing one from the beach. It's still my white whale.

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Hey Mondo, Nice boat! I just picked up my new 5.1m boat on the weekend too. I had to work all weekend :mad3: and when I knocked off at 4pm on Sunday arvo I had just enough time to take some pics or........go for a quick fish. 2 hours later we were cleaning a catch of reddies in the dark and had no photo's. Will post some shortly.

That new boat feeling is pretty hard to beat eh? I am sure you'll have plenty of awesome trips and good catches and I look forward to the reports!

:beersmile: Stallo

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