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How To Tie Braid Onto Mono?


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I have got a nice little baitcaster fitted with 4lb briad for soft plastics.

I have a problem though?

Does anybody know how to tie the briad directly onto the mono leader. Everything I try just slips and comes apart :mad3: . I don't want to use a swivel.

Is there a website or link that shows me how to tie it correctly?


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I use two uni knot joined together works great for me, but i think the correct knot is the "Blood knot" check it out here http://www.animatedknots.com/bloodknot/ind...imatedknots.com

yep i also use the blood knot. however recently spooling my baitrunner, it was hard to connect the mono to the braid. The braid was 0.10mm and the mono was 0.40...it just kept on slipping through..

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Guest madsmc

Five turn surgeons for me. There are a few others that I have used in the past, like the Albright, or Double Uni, but I find this one is the most simple and effective. It hasn't let me down yet, touchwood. :biggrin2:

Step 1: Lay the tag ends together, overlapping by 7-8cm.

Step 2: Holding the two lines together, form an overhand knot, making sure you pull the entire leader through the loop.

Step 3: Continue passing the braid tag, and the entire leader back through the loop a further four times (five times in total)

Step 4: Holding both lines, at both ends, draw the knot down by pulling in opposite directions. Moisten before drawing tight, and clip the tags.

This knot is demonstrated on the Berkley Soft Plastics DVD, which is where I picked it up originally. There is another version of this, called the Twisted Leader knot, where the two tag ends are twisted together prior to starting the overhand knot.


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Double uni for me too. Some dont like them but ive never had a drama since i tied them right.

The key is to either double the braid and over as Flattieman says or wrap it 8 or more times.

The reason you do this is to stop the braid cutting through the leader. Too few turns on the braid and when you pull it tight is slices through fine leaders. Doubling stops this too.

If you allow for this and tie it right it wont let you down.

edit - i only wrap the leader 5 times as it wont slice the braid. :biggrin2:

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I use the "Stren Knot" for just about every "line to line" join regardless of breaking strain. :biggrin2:

Find it here:


Also have a read of Kens article and do yourself a favour and read all the articles. There is some good reading to be had right here on the Fishraider website. :thumbup:


cheers :beersmile:


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Double Uni for me

I add a bit of olive oil or tuna oil to make the knot pullup nicely.

If using heavier stuff I give the ends / tags a burn with a cigarette lighter and flatten the "tops". Insurance against knot slipping. Just make sure you don't burn the main line!



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Im with Hooky - the Stren knot is tops 5 turns on the flouro and 10 turns on the braid. Have only pulled a break at this knot once, but tied it in bad light early in the morning. Double uni knot with braid doubled is also Ok but not as good as the Stren IMO


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