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Botany Bay Mon 21st


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Got to work at 6:30am mon and pondered about :1fishing1: . Weather looked great.

Left work about 7am with 2 others to get the boat and hit the bay.

Got on the bay about 9:30 and started at Mol Pt.

Very slow for the first hour then suddenly the trevs were on.

Kept 21 between 3 of us and threw a heap of the smaller ones back.

Wind changed direction and swung the boat around, our berley got close

to the rocks, and suddenly we were attacked by little sweep every cast.

Tried the drums for an hour for some small slimeys and a large PJ on a live


Finished up at the 3rd runway with stuff all bites.

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Plenty of Trevally in the bay at the moment, the bigger ones arn't too bad on light tackle but are still a bit of a pain when they are all thats being caught. I generally move on if the Trevally take over.

I cant believe people consider them as good eating :1yikes::1yikes:

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hi guys

I am new to the this site. I have fished BB for a number of years now, usually along the beach at Sans Souci in my Dad's old tinny for flathead. Now I have bought myself something bigger and will be able to travel further out. Any suggestions as to where I should try and what tackle and baits etc to use?

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Welcome To Fishraiders Lasty !! :1welcomeani:

There are many , many places in Botany Bay that produce results , its just a matter of being in the right place , at the right time , with the right bait ! :biggrin2:

Some of the spots where I have caught fish in BB are :

3rd Runway

Molineaux Point

The Drums

The Oil Wharf.

These spots are no secret , at any time you will see many boats trying their luck there.

Fish have been caught on every type of bait , live , frozen , plastic , metal . Everyone has their own preferences , Im sure some of the more experienced fishos in our ranks will provide more information !


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:1welcomeani: to the site,

3rd runway is a fav of mine,however when I fished

there last week,on a week day there was some dredging

goin on, and placement of large rocks right up against the

concrete runway walls.There was sediment in the water

and we only got 1 unlucky fish.All that stirred up sand can't

be good for the fish,thats 1 reason I went to the harbour

this week.

:beersmile: penguin

Edited by penguin
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:1welcomeani: Lasty

I usually try Mol Pt before anywhere else in the bay.

Unlike some others in here i like the trevs as an eating fish.

But then again it would be a boring world if everyone was the

same......so each to their own i reckon.

I have never had any luck at the third runway. But many i know

swear by it. Then again there is a reason why i am only a pretend


I find the bay is just like anywhere else (not that i fish many other

spots other than the "hawkesbury classic" and i never do much

there either) in that just because a position works one day, there

is no guarantee you will even get a nibble the next day.

Good luck.

PS......we are going up for the hawkesbury classic again this year

so any help is very very very very (you get the idea) appreciated.

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