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Browns And Yellowfin, Something Else To


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Howdy all, well here goes, went out to browns on Sunday after we missed the chance to go out last sunday and due to far to many beers being downed on sat night we left home at 8 and didnt get to browns until about 11- or 12 ish, we started off trowling and then moved onto cubing as we have a fuel hungry 200 and its a killer on the wallet. It started off really slow but then i ask the old man what time we are leaving and he says wind them in in about 2 mins, like clockwork we get a double hook up with 2 small fin, the 30 mins later he says (i kid you not) we better head of in about 3 mins, then BANG, dads was hooked on to something filthy big and had to tiagra with 50 pound line locked into full drag, and it was still peeeeeeeling the line of, we couldnt believe it, then the other tiagro goes off, and we had a double, dads lines snapped and we were all spewing as it was a really decent fin, better than the one we boated later, it went 22 kilo dont know the length. So we lost about 5 hookups, just too hungover me thinks.

15 mins later dads rod bends over something savage and line was screaming off, my mate said he saw the yellow fin and it was a monster but the dumb ass didnt notice the other fins and 10 mins into the fight a monster mako comes flying out of the water and freaks us all out, we had it about 2 metres away from the gaff, this was a monster mako, it was half the length of the boat so about 2.5 metres, i should go measure where it was to the boat it really killed me loosing that shark coz it would have been a prize it was a dead set monster. But because we were fishing for fin, we didnt have a trace on. Anywho, one last fish was caught when i was dropping a bait to the bottom i got hit by something, kept it coz a mate said it was edible, but wouldnt mind your help, thanks fellas.





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good size tuna's there mate, we were out there as well on sunday and i couldnt believe the number of boats out there.unluckyly for us we came back empty handed after being out there all morning from 6 til about 1,but we did the hours,it will be our turn soon.what time did you hook up as other reports are pointing towards late arvo hook ups with bugger all the rest of the day.

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Great fish there Knapers.

Pitty you lost the bigger tuna and the mako.

Those ocean perch can be quite thick at browns,

sometimes pull them two or three at a time,but

they are a very welcome catch as they are top


Well done :thumbup:

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