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1st Venture Out To Browns

Guest AO7474

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Hi all,

Had my 1st venture out to Browns on Wednesday with fellow fishraider members James and Giaco. Have been out there a cple of times before with Broadbill charters but this was going to be special in my own boat.

Watched the weather for a week and Wednesday looked the goods, which was lucky as it was the only day I could go anyway.

Set ourselves up with all the right gear, tackle and bait and set off from Botany Heads after some advice from Netic and Bashir. (thanks guys) :thumbup:

Weather and sea was awesome, better than I could of hoped for and we made the shelf in great time. From here we set out a spread of lures and thought we would run them to Browns before setting up to cube for the day. Didn't really expect anything.... after just checking in with Coastal Patrol one of the rods went off(the cheapest one of course), unfortunately we had just cracked our 1st beer so reaction time wasn't what it should have been but never the less we were on to a fish. Giaco better known as Jacko grabbed the rod and started playing this unknown fish...... awesome stuff until.... ping ..... just as this massive Striped Marlin leap out of the water shaking his head trying to through my newly acquired bibless minow :ranting2: Bugger anyway despite the fact we missed a fish of a life time our spirits were high and we continued to Browns with high expectations. On arriving decided to head North of Browns as current was running fast, so we pushed about 5km's North. Started cubing and 4 hours and 20km drift later not a touch despite me trying to keep the boys motivated... so we had a choice to make,stick with this trail our drift over Browns again. Put a vote to the boys and we headed back to Browns. We went North enough to try and drift over Browns around 3pm... worked a treat and just as we got in vicinity... we see tuna in our trail, all of a sudden bang and I'm on at last, start fighting this fish and their are plenty swimming with him, just like King Fish do so I get James to feed his line back in.... all of a sudden ....zrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and James is on to a better fish. I wrestle with mine and finally bring in an 8 kg Stripey. Hand the rod over to Jacko to get the bait back into the water and into the action because up until now we have kept the cubes going into the water, and I grab the gaff to help James to get his fish out of the water. Jacko starts feeding line into the water, now remember he has already dropped a Marlin today, anyway he continues feeding line into the water when he notices line has wrapped around reel, he goes to untangle and zrrrrrrrrrr................ping.......snapped losses a great yellow fin that we see grab his bait at the back of the boat. :ranting2: Jacko is distraught, as you would be, so now our attention focus is with James and this Tuna he is still fighting, now about 25minutes in and he still isn't gaining ground. I could go on for ages her but to shorten the story we got the trace onto the reel about 3 times only to loss 20-30m again.... finally 90 minutes later we gaff a great 35 kg yellow fin, James 1st and the 1st caught on my boat. What a day, what an experience, what a fish and what a fight. James fought this fish like an old pro, and again the fish choose the worst rod and reel combo to target, cheap Penn combo.

My condolences to Jacko and my Congratulations to James. we all had a blast and can't wait to do it again. I will post the pictures up tomorrow for all to see our trophy fish.

Finally thanks to the raiders that offered advice to help me get and and not only chase but capture this mighty fish. :thumbup:

Anthony (AO7474)


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Mate, fantastic effort!! :yahoo:

You have been planning this trip, asked the right questions, made the effort & it paid off. :thumbup:

Thanks to the fellow Raiders who helped you out & good on ya for getting out there & doing it.

Can't wait to see the pics.



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what a day mate definately up there with my greatest highlights and once again thanks for having me on your maiden voyage.

great description of the day i actually started thinking i was there again.

poor Jacko i really feel for him after losing two top top fish

My arms are still very very sore but it was definately worth it.

off to the hawkesbury tomorrow for some mulloway

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thanks guys gee it was awesome.

but my beloved jews still rain according to me.

what a great fight and gee was i sore after it.

may as well kill two birds with the one stone and give my report to day in the hawkesbury.

late start and not much happening a few bits and pieces but nothing to brag about.

by the way thanks Anthony

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thought i would add a pic of my own.

after looking at big banannas 42kg it made me think whether mine was more than 35kg as there was some controversy to the weight.

Can anyone convert the length which was 1400mm from head to tail into an estimated weight?


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They both look 25kg. It's understandable to get caught up in the excitement of the moment but guy's be realistic therre are people that can tell! Great fish nevertheless

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The current run of fish seem to all be between 25-35kg.

We nailed 6 on friday and the biggest may have nudged 35kg. your fish looks to be high 20's possibly pushing 30. The fish in the other thread is probably just over 30kg.

If you havn't seen alot of tuna, is quite easy to overcall weights, as they are such long fish. Problem is you need to bleed them and prep them pretty much straight away, so getting them weighed correctly slides down the priority list.


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Can anyone convert the length which was 1400mm from head to tail into an estimated weight?

Mate, I can be of some help (from a purely scientific standpoint) if you can give me an accurate fork length for your fish – the same applies to anyone else who would like an estimated weight on a tuna (or any other species, really). I can plug the figures into fairly accurate exponential equations that have been formulated through the investigation of weight/length relationships of certain species. Hope this helps.


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not here to bullshit around with weights i was thinking if bb fish was 42kg mine would have been closer to that as it was never weighed correctly. i got to weigh it after taking off half the slab from its body and it still pulled the scales to 27.5.

im definatley not over awed by the prospects of a yellowfin because they ain t a jew.

throwing predicted sizes is definately not me, i was just to dam tired to care at the time.

i dont really care what people can see or say if you think its 1 kg or 100kg makes know difference to me

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Who gives a sh.it what they weighed, they are both great fish, To James and Big Banana, Great job guys, both of those fish are dream catches to most fisho's and they were both caught off trailer boats which makes it even better.

AO7474, great work to you too mate for getting out there.

I think this thread has lost focus, Concentrate on the great job done by James and BB and join in there happiness by congratulating them.

Because we all know we wish we were holding those tunas.

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Guest Big-Banana

Yeah exactly, it was weighed when we got home, everyone a bit tired and on a less then satisfactory set of scales. After being gutted the next morning it weighed 35kg, so the old man mustve been close. I would have been happy with anything tbh.

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