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Kiama 17/9


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Well departed from Kiama Harbour as planned at 5.45am. Weather forecast was good and water looked calm. Pointed the bow east and headed out for the Kiama Canyons. Got about 10kms from the Canyons and the North Easter start to blow. BOM only predicted 5/15Knots but by 6.30am it was already a steady 15knots, which created a sloppy wind chop.

It was decided at this point to put a selection of lures out the back with the witchdoctor and troll the remaining 10kms to the Canyons. All was pretty quiet for the first half an hour then as we neared the Canyons the lefthand outrigger went off. Love the sound of that rubber band snapping closely followed by the sound of screaming TLD25.

After a ferocious first run and about 5 minutes later landed a nice 70cm striped Tuna. Well spirits on board were high..... hopefully a sign of things to come. Put the fish in the ice box to fillet and use for flathead baits in the coming months (not much chop as a table fish).

Set the spread again and continued east, however the N/E wind began to increase to about 20 knots by 7.30am when we finally hit the mark at the Canyons. As soon as we arrived BANG! Off goes the left hand outrigger much the same as before. We were all hoping and praying for a Yellowfin this time.

Not to be, another 65cm Strip tuna in the boat. This one we released as we don't eat them and would have more than enough bait off the first one.

Pulled in the lures and cut the engine with the intention of cubing. Well with the 20 knot wind blowing and the roaring current out there the boat was drifting south at 5-6 knots. Made the decision to not waste the pilchards so trolled around for another half an hour and then started to make our way closer in. Didn't pick up anything else on the troll. But we did see a huge humpback whale and heaps of dolphins riding our bow wave.

Went to the 100m line due east of the light house and did some bottom bouncing. In an hour we landed two Flatties (45cm & 50cm) and two blue Morwong (both 45cm).

Called at a day at about 11am as the water was getting lumpy with a good wind chop.

In all good day out, got a feed at least. Hopefully I'll get another crack at the YFT before they vanish.


Note: Water temp at the Canyons was 18.6C

Both stripies fell victim to a 6 inch Pakula Yuzi skirt (Green/Silver/Gold)

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mate i too went out from kiama,with the so called 5knot winds predicted i thought i'd venture out,knew from the moment i hit the water the wind was a lot more than that.The only action we saw all day was the monster yft jump out of the water chasing what looked likea garfish.We were about 50mtr away but thats what it looked like.We trolled most of the day for zip,hopefully better weather this weekend

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