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The Tinnie Is Finally Christened


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Well it has taken over a year but i have finally landed a kg+ fish in my little tinnie. I was starting to ponder some weird theories as to why I hadn't cracked a jewie from the boat. Was it the aerator that chugs away spooking fish with its weird vibrations? or were my baits carrying the scent of 2stroke petrol.

I have read every article i have been able to get my hands on and put in some serious hours and tonight it has finally paid off.

Started out at the rose bay ramp and went to catch some livies at a very trusty spot near Neilson Park. I have not yet failed to pick up yakkas there and they are always just the right size. They weren't about at first but sure enough, a huge school arrived after about 40 minutes. The only down side of the whole evening was that some dickhead imbecile was chucking rocks into the water around the boat every five minutes from the cliffs above. :1badmood: Seriously, what is up with that sort of behaviour?

Anyway, I had a plan and I owe thanks to jewhunter for a recent post in which he mentioned that around Mcmahons Point was a good spot to try for jewies at this time of year. Balls Head was the chosen spot for the incoming tide. The plan was to find an eddy and fish that. At about 7.00, I noticed my rod bent over, just as a jet cat was going past. It didn't take any line nor put up a huge struggle but I was completely stoked. Rough guess at length is 70cms, and will post a pick soon.

I have caught bigger jewies (shorebased) but what made this one so satisfying was that it seemed to be the result of a lot of research, observation and perseverence. :thumbup:

Here is the pic (i hope!) and the jewie took the live yakka.

Cheers, Andrew


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Thanks everyone.

You have gotta love it when you have a week off and the Mrs. is away. What else do you do but feed your obsession?

BTW I can't help but notice that I would have won the Jewfish social with this fish. The fish came a couple of days late (and out of the wrong system of course). I was actually on the Hawksberry on sat. night and said hello to Stumpy and Hawksbury Buoy out at Flint and Steel. My little tinnie is not really big enough for a full night of jewie fishing. After 6 hours you start to feel like quasimodo. My mate had had enough by 10.00.

Cheers all.

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