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Anyone Braving The Weather


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Howdie all,

Anyone been out for a fish this weekend? This weather is the pits but it is tolerable when you are stuck inside writing school reports.

I was wondering about the old fresh water flush theory for the jewies. Might it be worth a shot in middle harbour tonight? Even if it is just an hour of lure chucking in a raincoat.

Am I desperate/crazy? Certainly feel that way after being stuck at the computer all f#%@ing weekend. :1badmood:

Cheer me up raiders, tell me someone is catching jewies somewhere.

aww hell. Back to the grind.


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I feel for you Humesy, I'd love to be out with a rod in hand. But' like you I'm stuck at the computer, trying to finish 3 assignments and prepare for 3 exams this week, and thats just a teaser for the other 5 exams coming up befrore the end of the month. :thumbdown::whip::1wallbash:

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