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Mako And Kings


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Went out today for a fish with a mate,

Headed out of pittwater to a couple of reefs to try and get some kings, got yakkas pretty easy around west head then headed out.

got to a reef and threw the yakkas down, after a little while we got hit and it felt a little different to a king fight, after a few minutes we landed a mako about a metre long.

Then after that we got hit by a couple of kings around the 80cm mark and then the water turn pretty bad as the wind picked up.

Boat handled very well in the rougher conditions., first real test for her.



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some great fish there mate :thumbup:luck u didn get biten off by the lil mako! .....what kind of rig were u using mate? u go paternoster or running barrel sinker for em?

am heading wide 2moz so if a get something worthwhile ill post up!



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well done crazy

mean looking bast++D that mako aye..

did u keep it for the table??

just wondering how they are as far as eating qualitys?

good work on the kings mate,

ur really nailing them must of been taught by one of the best :1prop:

cheers steve

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Guest IFishSick.

Brilliant Mako. That's the fish I want to catch over the Summer. Hopefully get a few jumps from him.

Great work on the Kings too!! :1prop:

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Crazy crazy crazy!!! You are on fire. That mako looks real mean. The last one I caught stayed älive"for a couple of days. Cheers KElvin

Youve been a bit quiet this week Kelvin. Wheres the reports or are you just getting a bit cagey??

Hope the weather improves for you this weekend so we get some more thumping reports.


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