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Broken Bay Fad


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hi raiders,

Went out yesterday with my dad and cousin off Broken Bay. We stopped off at the FAD and managed to land our first dolphin fish of the season. Any raiders interested, we spent a good 3 hours cubing with Pilchards moving right up close to the Fad to a few hundred kms up current without much luck. The only thing to make an appearance in the trail were leatherjackets. Caught three of them and moved a bit wider from the FAD. Tried trolling, jigging and even gave the fly rod a try without any sign of the fish. We began berlying up with the 1/2 bag of pilchards we had left and after 10 minutes of doing so a small pack of 4 Dolphin fish turned up. Dad hooked up to a fish 85cm and my cousins hooked up to a fish similar in size which spat the hooks a few feet from the boat. After the double hook up of fish dad and Brad hooked, it seemed to spook the fish and we didn't see any fish in the 45 minutes we spent there before heading back.

SO RAIDERS the dollies are there it looks like :yahoo: hopefully they start to show up in larger numbers in the next few weeks.

Have got pics have tried to post them up without much luck :wacko: Anyone want to see them send us a Pm or email me on Da_mitch777@hotmail.com


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